Free from Limitations... Live Fully in the Present

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When you find yourself experiencing less than ideal patterns or dynamics in your relationship EMDR is very helpful at addressing the underlying beliefs that keep you stuck in these cycles and prevent you from creating the change that you want so that you can have a relationship that is fulfilling and pleasurable.

But at times I think...

I am trapped and things will never change

I am insignificant and lack importance

I am invisible

I am not good enough

I am stupid, naive and/or should have known better

I am weak

I am voiceless/ a doormat

I am unlovable and flawed

I am incapable

I am not worth sticking up for and/or I can't stick up for myself

I am not attractive/desirable

​I am not worthy of anything better

I haven't done enough

I am a failure

I am hurtful

I don't know who I am without our relationship

It's all my fault that our relationship isn't working

I want my partner to be present and to feel emotionally supported in our relationship as we learn and grow together.

I want to be confident that I gave my all to making our relationship work and that it is good enough.

I want to be able to trust my partner wholeheartedly and be free from jealousy and insecurity.

I want to be valued and feel important within our relationship.

I want to be able to communicate with my partner with ease and agree and disagree in healthy ways.

I want to be committed and loyal to my partner.

​I want my relationship to be happy, loving and fulfilling.

I want to feel safe to share my feelings, beliefs and opinions with my partner.

I want to be confident that my partner loves and respects me and finds me desirable.

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