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​​If more therapists were trained in and utilized EMDR the reasons that clients avoid therapy would decrease and positive associations with therapy would increase.

EMDR Empowerment is committed to actively increasing the mental health community's exposure to, understanding of and use of EMDR in work with clients. The most effective way to do this is by creating opportunities for therapists, interns and students to be trained in and experience EMDR themselves.  

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For Students:

Start planning for your future practice. Find out the benefits of being an EMDR therapist so that you are one step ahead in building your practice when you get licensed.

Additionally, most graduate programs require or encourage students to participate in therapy. Why not complete those hours doing EMDR so that you get the most optimal results and are prepared to be an effective therapist? Check with the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) to see if your field of study allows you to count hours in therapy towards hours for licensure.

Emdr Certification Training

For Therapists and Interns:

Curious about EMDR but not sure how it could benefit you? Here are the top reasons to become an EMDR therapist:

  •  Grow your practice easily

  •  Positive experiences for clients in which issues shift and they see results and experience relief

  •  More referrals

  •  Strong sense of doing healing work that creates change

  •  Evidence based form of psychotherapy to address traumatic experiences

  • EMDR is a tool that you can use with any issue that clients want to work on

  • Help clients move through issues and find resolution without rehashing the same topics/themes every week

  • Opportunity for you to do your own healing and growing work with EMDR so you understand the client's perspective

  •  Reduce suffering in the world and promote empowerment in the clients you serve

  • Gain a specialized skill set that sets you apart from other therapists and makes you more marketable


Ready to be trained in EMDR?

Contact the Parnell Institute to find out about the next EMDR training.

Already been trained in EMDR? Want to learn the client-centered modified protocol developed by Dr. Laurel Parnell? Looking for a refresher? Take the Part 3  EMDR Refresher.

Interested in integrating an attachment focused perspective into your EMDR work? Attend an Attachment Focused EMDR workshop.

Therapist  and Intern Opportunity:

Come experience the power of EMDR. Give yourself the opportunity to experience firsthand why this is a game changer in the world of therapy. Set yourself apart from the competition...