Free from Limitations... Live Fully in the Present

Experiences and beliefs instilled from our families and friends can impact how we show up and engage in our present relationships with family and friends and can perpetuate interactions that do not promote our well-being. EMDR can successfully help you process these past experiences and beliefs so they no longer define you and control how you engage with others. You will be free to experience people from a whole new perspective. 

I have to avoid conflict and I can't say no

I am being treated like a child, I am helpless and not respected

My boundaries are never respected

I don't know how to handle these situations

I owe it to them even if I don't want to

We are family so we have to stick together

I have no authority, I am powerless

No one has my back when I need help

Everyone else keeps moving forward and I get left behind

I have to be agreeable so that it isn't my fault

I have failed as a ____________________

I am not important or valued

I am not heard, no one cares about what I say or think

No one wants to get to know me, I am invisible

I am unworthy

I need to obey

I have to be what everyone else wants me to be, I need to please

It isn't safe, I always get hurt

I can't trust the people in my life

I get taken advantage of- they see my kindness as weakness

I am a bad _________ (parent, child, sibling, friend)

I am unlovable

But at times I think...

I want to know that I have a lot to offer and give generously to those that I care about

I want to know that I can be true to myself and what I want regardless of their opinions.

I want to feel connected to those that love and support me.

I want to be able to create friendships with ease.

I want to know that what I give and bring to the relationship is good enough.

I want to be confident in my role (parent, child, sibling, friend, etc.) and know that it is ok to take care of myself first.

I want to know that I can set healthy boundaries with those that I love.

I want to know that I am important and that I bring value to these relationships.

I want to know I am loved, respected and appreciated by my friends and family.

Family & Friendship

I want to look out for and be loyal to my family and friends without overextending myself.