Free from Limitations... Live Fully in the Present

So much of our identities are tied up in our dreams, ambitions and careers and yet it is also very common to feel like our dreams, ambitions and careers are not good enough or don't align with what others want for our lives. EMDR will allow you to gain clarity about what you want and  empower you to go forward in obtaining your goals with confidence and certainty. 

I am inferior and everyone else is smarter and has all the answers

I am a fraud and I am going to be found out

I am not good enough

I am a failure

I am incompetent or incapable

I am not worthy/undeserving

I am powerless

I have to work harder/longer than everyone else to be successful

 I am voiceless and can't ask for what I want

My opinions, dreams and aspirations are not valuable or respected so I can't  have what I want

​I am stuck or trapped in work that is not fulfilling and there is no out

I'll be judged/criticized if I follow my dreams

I am irresponsible/stupid

I have to do what everyone else wants me to do

But at times I think...

I want to be assertive and unwavering in my determination to achieve my goals.

I want to know that I bring value to all that I do and that people appreciate that.

I want to be confident in my abilities as a leader and problem-solver and know that I am able to hold my own.

I want to achieve my dreams, anything is possible.

I want to feel secure, capable and respected in my position.

I want to confidently follow my passion and be wildly successful.

​I want to know I am desirable and have a lot to offer.

I want to have a career that makes me happy and is fulfilling.

I want to be well compensated for my work and know that I deserve it.

I want to be confident that I am competent and have the strengths and skills that will allow my career to excel.

Career & Ambition