Free from Limitations... Live Fully in the Present

Money is a charged topic. However...

EMDR can be used to address beliefs about the abundance and lack of money that can keep you trapped in a financial holding pattern.Using EMDR to address these often times longstanding beliefs can shift your perspective thereby allowing more abundance into your life and providing relief from the weight of feeling like there is never enough or it is never good enough. You will be empowered to manage your finances  in a way that feels best for you. 

 But at times I think...

 I am irresponsible

 My bills/debt/loans are huge. I'll never be able to pay them off

 I am stupid, foolish or impulsive

 Nothing is ever going to change and I am stuck

 I am powerless

 I'll always be broke, so I'll never be able to do the things I want to do, buy what I want, etc

 I am gullible and don't make good choices

 I don't deserve more money

 There is no way that more money can come into my life,  I am hopeless

 I can't get out of the hole I am in, I am trapped

 I am a failure

 I am out of control

 I am weak

 I can't get ahead

 I want to be financially secure and confident in my ability to live comfortably.

I want to be financially responsible and able to manage my money successfully.

I want to experience abundance and be worry free.

I want to be confident in my abilities to navigate finances strategically.

I want to make informed and wise choices when spending and investing money.

I want to be confident that my family will have what they need.

I want to know that money flows into my life in many ways and from many directions.

I want to know that I am deserving of an ever-increasing income.

I want to be able to pay all my bills and expenses with ease.

I want to be in control of my finances, not controlled and limited by them.

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